Barefeet Plantation – A newcomers perspective of The Low Country

I will attempt to start a notebook on my life in our new home state of South Carolina.  Let’s see if I can actually write!


Low Tide clam digging near home. This is a 1 minute walk from home. Oysters and clams can be had for free and a little hard work. Although I don’t eat shellfish,  my wife does. I enjoy the process of collecting the bounty as much as the rewards. 
Solitude was always difficult to find back in  Southern California unless you were up and at it before dawn and the rushing of traffic lined, bumper to bumper with the coffee in one hand and cell phone in the other driver.
Today, I find solitude rather easy to find.  Too easy some days. That is not a complaint about here but more a complaint about me. Where we live, The Sea Islands of South Carolina, is affectionately known as Low County.  As in Low relative to sea level. it is also known as  Slow Country and for good reason.  Things move slowly here. It has taken some getting used to and certainly will take more time.  I’m ok with that today. As a native Californian,  I anticipated this.
After 40 minutes of easy digging in the sand, 100 perfect quohog clams look brilliant in my white bucket! I walk home, remembering that next time,  I will take the golf cart.  The fully loaded bucket is heavy and awkward to carry. Laura is pleased with my catch and excited that linguini and clams will be on the table tonight! 
I thank God for because I’ve never made Linguini and clams before!

Peace be with you.



6 Responses to “Barefeet Plantation – A newcomers perspective of The Low Country”

  1. Mike Says:

    I hate rich people.

  2. Miss Dusty Says:

    Well done Robert …more pls.

  3. Ronee Wells Says:

    This is so great! Good for you that you are so open minded to the changes in your life. And even if it takes some time to get used to a drastic change, I can tell that your faith will help in this process.

  4. Dodi Says:

    I am very happy for you and your family and a tad jealous!! =) Looking forward to more updates

  5. Steve Rahn Says:

    Nice Robert, it sure makes life’s journey an adventure. We look forward to those easy paced lazy days on the porches rocking in the chairs sipping tea.

  6. P Daddy FUNKMEISTER Says:

    this is rad , keep them coming! miss you bro!

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